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EPCDEPCD - European Partnership for Clubhouse Development

The International Centre for Clubhouse Development (ICCD), the Finnish government agency National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES), ICCD Certified Training Bases in Europe, European Clubhouse Coalitions and some independent Clubhouses have agreed on the formation of an open European Partnership for Clubhouse Development (EPCD) to promote the Clubhouse movement in Europe and for the continuous development of different components of the Clubhouse model.

The overall goals of this cooperation will be:

• To improve the social inclusion, educational and labour market integration and participation of people with mental illness and psychosocial problems in Europe.

• To increase opportunities of mental health service users and
ex-users in European Countries to participate in the empowering and supportive Clubhouse communities as defined above.

• To strengthen and expand the ICCD’s network and operations with European Clubhouses and other stakeholders of Clubhouse development in Europe.

• To promote and coordinate the European research of the Clubhouse model and collect
the results of the research for the international dissemination.

Any European Clubhouse or a future Coalition of Clubhouses have right to join this European Partnership for Clubhouse Development by signing this agreement. STAKES will be the organisation taking care of the management of this European agreement. Any initiative for joining this agreement or resigning from it shall be done to STAKES.

Download EPCD-brochure from here.
Stakes - National Research and development Centre for Welfare and Health Inclusive Employment Initiatives -group