ELECTLifelong Learning Programme / Education and Culture DG
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ELECT Newsletter 1/2008 (pdf) -
ELECT Newsletter 2/2008 (pdf) -

ELECT Project (pdf) -
ELECT Project (pdf) -
ELECT Project (pdf) -
ELECT Project (pdf) -
ELECT Project (pdf) -
ELECT Project (pdf) -
ELECT Project (pdf) -

Project meetings

Opening meeting, Malmö Sweden 3th - 5th March 2008
Opening meeting program, Malmö Sweden March 2008 (doc) -
Introduction to the ELECT project (ppt) -

Second project meeting, Helsinki Finland 4rd - 6th June 2008
Helsinki meeting program (doc) -
• presentation: Mental health, learning and studying (ppt) -
• presentation: How to alleviate stage fright (doc) -
• presentation: Fountain House in Oslo (ppt) -
• Questionnaire Summary: How to motivate Clubhouse members to learn? (ppt) -

Third Elect project meeting, Munich Germany 3th - 5th November 2008
Munich meeting program (doc) -
Elect project interim outcomes (ppt) -
My Career as a shool drop out (doc) -

Fourth ELECT project meeting, London United Kingdom 30th - 31th March 2009
London meeting program (pdf) -
Elect pilot course program (doc) -

Final project meeting, Copenhagen Denmark, September 2009

ELECT project progress report - public part (pdf) -
Stakes - National Research and development Centre for Welfare and Health Inclusive Employment Initiatives -group